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Jiayou International Logistics Co., Ltd., a member of FIATA (International Federation of Forwarding Agents’ Associations), CIFA (China International Freight Forwarders Association) and WCA (World Cargo Association), is a first-class  international freight forwarding company approved by Ministry of Commerce of China and has acquired the certification of ISO 9001 quality system. The company's business network spreads over 60 countries and regions throughout Asia, Europe and North America. China, Mongolia and Central Asia are the key areas for long-term business operations of the company with leading logistics facilities and abundant resources.

Jiayou International Logistics Co.’s business strategy is "taking regional advantage, promoting global cooperation". Taking full use of core advantages in land border ports in China, the company integrate the service parts of land, sea and air transport, storage and dispatch, customs declaration and relevant logistics documents. With core business of cross-border multimodal transport, project logistics, mining products logistics, bonded warehousing and supply chain trade service, Jiayou is becoming a leading comprehensive logistics enterprise in the industry.

Applying science and technology in logistics and cultivating talents, Jiayou has set up a logistics-focused R&D team to put information and intelligence technology into practice. The company continuously develop and apply modern informational and intelligent applications through creativity. Now we have an excellent logistics professional team with practical experience, ready to deliver satisfying logistics service.

Safety Commitment

Jiayou International Logistics is dedicated to environmental protection as well as employees’ health and safety. Cherishing life and protecting environment has been one of key tasks of the company. To meet requirements stipulated by relevant domestic and international laws, regulations and HSE (health, safety and environment) system the company has established and optimized well-developed management system with respect to safety management and environmental protection. Based on compliance of system requirement, the company practices the following with feasibility while conducting businesses...


Social Responsibility


Jiayou international is committed to be an outstanding international logistics supplier carrying social responsibility actively. We uphold the concept of sustainable development of social responsibility throughout the management system. To promote the fulfillment of social responsibility with the harmonious development of the company, we introduce social responsibility into every link of the company's daily operation.
Social Responsibility stakeholders include: government, shareholders, customers, suppliers, partners, employees, community, media and so on.



  • Inner Mongolia Jiayou International Logistics Co., Ltd.

    Runs a public customs supervision zone of 78,000 square meters

    - Runs vehicle fleet qualified for international road transport and customs supervision transport

    - Supplies comprehensive operation service and cross-border multimodal transport service in Erenhot

  • Wulate Zhongqi Ganqimaodu Huafang International Logistics Co., Ltd.

    - Runs a public customs supervision zone of 350,000 square meters

    - Becomes the important storage place linking China domestic end users with coking coal in South Gobi Province of Mongolia by warehousing of coking coal imported from Mongolia

  • Wulate Zhongqi Ganqimaodu Jiayou International Logistics Co., Ltd.

    - Runs a public customs supervision zone of 100,000 square meters

    - Runs vehicle fleet qualified for international road transport and customs supervision transport

    - Supplies comprehensive operation service and cross-border multimodal transport service in Ganqimaodao, the most important China-Mongolian energy-importing border port

  • Wulate Zhongqi Ganqimaodu Jinhang International Logistics Co., Ltd.

    - Runs a public customs bonded warehouse of 169,000 square meters which is the only bonded warehouse among all China-Mongolia border ports

    - Supplies diversified and more integral logistics storage service for customs bonded nonferrous metals imported from Mongolia

  • Bayannur City Linjin Logistics Co., Ltd.

    - By execution of inland city–port clearance agreement with Tianjin Port Authority the company offers one-stop export logistics services including united transport of railways and highways, customs clearance and CIA inspection, warehousing etc. for those export-oriented enterprises located in Bayannur city and its surrounding regions.

    - As approved by General Administration of Customs, Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation and State Administration of Foreign Exchange Bayan Nur City Bonded Logistics Center (Type B) is the first center established in middle-west region of Inner Mongolia. The center offers bonded warehousing, international logistics, simple processing, export and import, re-export, export rebate, cross-border e-commerce etc.to facilitate export of agricultural products and ensure cost effective.

  • Inner Mongolia Wanli Trading Co., Ltd.

    - On account of logistics resources and in the form of trade Wanli Trading is with essence of logistics expansion covering trade links to supply blanket logistics value-added services to domestic and overseas suppliers and customers. The services include selection and assessment of suppliers, trade contract signing, file management, customs declaration and inspection, warehousing, transport and delivery. Via such trading both high efficiency of cargo delivery and seamless linkage among purchase, documentation and transport have been realized.

  • Jiahong International Logistics (Tianjin)Co., Ltd.

    - Conducts cross-border multimodal transport centered at Tianjin Port

    - Provide integrated logistics service at Tianjin Port

  • Jiayou Supply Chain (Xinjiang) Co., Ltd.

    - Supplies cross-border multimodal transport in Alataw Pass, Khorgos, Kashgar ports neighboring Central Asian countries while taking Urumchi as the core

     - Provides Urumchi-centered domestic logistics service from Xinjiang to inland cities

  • Damao Banner Jiayou International Supply Chain Trading Co., Ltd.

    - Offer international supply chain trading management for China and Mongolia end users based on Mandula